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  • On November 25th 2014 we came up with a new upgrade to Randolph. We’ve enhanced our repository system – the system that compiles all your saved code and builds a full repository of what your code does, to enable intelligent queries (e.g who does an UPDATE of these specific fields, and at what point in time did it change?) its not just a ‘dumb version control’system – we actually know what you are doing,which makes a whole host of new features possible.
  • On November 30th we’ve upgraded our Marie Alix. This is the best tabular editor you’ll find out there – to create SQL Queries, Edit CSV files, XML files, etc
  • On August 25th we've upgraded our Diana. We've significantly enhanced our 'Context Free Scripting' feature, which lets you script your SQL Server database in a way that will execute on any existing database, tell you the differences and optionally change that database into what you want it to be!
Sql Version Control Solution
The first and only full solution to versioning and change management for SQL Server! Check out our revolutionary approach which fully manages database versioning behind the scenes, freeing you to focus on the things that are truly important to your project development
Nob Hill Database Compare
Database Compare and Migrate Tool
Check out the leanest, meanest database compare and migrate tool out there. Simple to use yet rich in features, covers both schema and data in one simply GUI, and generates the most readable and robust SQL scripts out there!
If there is anything you want to do with your tabular data – Marie-Alix does it! Get data from… anywhere! Then put it to use with the most versatile tool on the market to present data, filter it, find exactly what you need in it, define logical ties within it, define custom ways to edit it… the list goes on and on...
Data Comparison and Migration
This tool represents a brand new way to look at data comparisons. Compares pretty much everything to everything - across servers and across data fomats. Wherever you have data in two places that needs to be compared - this is the tool for you

You guys have great products and I really admire your dedication to user support and consistently improving your apps... Your service is top notch! Keep up the good work!
Bob Gibilaro
V. Alexander
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