Demo Clips

The following clips demonstrate some of Marie-Alix's capabilities:

Getting Data

Marie-Alix can access data in pretty much any tabular format known to man. This introductory clip shows how simple it is to access your data
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Filtering and Finding Specifics in Your Data

Once you have your data, next thing is� to actually begin working with it! this little clip shows one of Marie-Alix�s strongest point: how easy it is to find any piece of information you�re after within your data
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Creating Relations

It�s possible to open data from completely different data sources, and create relationship between them. A CSV file can be a child of a TSQL query results, for example. This clip demonstrates it
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Working with XML

Marie-Alix can render a tabular and hierarchical representation of XML file data
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Grid Customization

The various ways you can look at your data
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