Finally, a query tool that’s simple on one hand, yet so much more than a query tool once you really get to know it. It can query everything, and then take the resulting data and do with it… everything!
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We started using Marie-Alix in our heterogeneous environment here. It can seamlessly move from SQL Server to DB2 to our MySQL machines… we couldn’t be more excited!
Neil Beckman
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Marie-Alix Overview

Marie Alix can do so many things that... we are having problems defining it ourselfes! More than anything, it’s a generic interface to your data. Any data. If it can be shown in a tabular format, we can work with it. Be it in SQL Server, Microsoft SSAS, MySQL, text files, Via OLEDB or ODBC, you can easily get to it and do whatever it is you need to do with your data. So guess we can call it a super grid... only its so much more! Read on...
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Marie-Alix Features