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You got two databases. You want to find the differences between them, and perhaps do a migration. There are several solutions out there today. And yet - accumulated frustration with all existing solutions made us come up with our own – which we believe is the best. (Well we try to be objective) Read on, or just give it a try, and find out why this tool is the one you’ll be happy with!
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After about 15 minutes of use, my first reaction is WOW…this thing is great! As a test I used it to compare one of our larger prod db’s to it’s staging/QA counterpart, and it ran very quickly and results view is awesome
Mike Kirby
Symantec Corporation

Database Compare Overview

Since 2006 we have been working to make this database comparison and migration tool the absolutely best in the market. (see what SSWUG has to say about us!). We originally decided to create a new one because while there are other such products on the market, none of them do the job right. We wanted convenient yet powerful GUI, we wanted schema and data in one tool. We wanted it to be lightening fast - much faster than anything else out there. We wanted an elegant solution to browsing huge amounts of data and easily narrowing down on specific differences. We wanted a tool that understands your SQL code, and tells you what errors might happen as a result of the migration, before it happens. We wanted all this and more – and we got our tool, all packed into a simple yet powerful GUI

Database Compare Features

  • Compares databases – both Schema and Data. Because schema and data may be tightly inter-dependant, only delivering them together in one product could guarantee a smooth migration and transition from one server to another!
  • Generates the cleanest, most readable, most robust migration scripts out there. Full dependencies information is taken into account – including inner dependencies between schema and data
  • Could work in conjunction with Randolph to migrate databases to a historical image – i.e. compare and rollback or forward a database to how it was at different points in time
  • New! Fully compiles your SQL code in order to detect issues that can come up in migration. Are you removing an entity that has dependencies? A column that’s used by some procedure? Changing a function\procedure call? These will break all entities calling it. we check for many such things, and let you know what errors your migration might cause – BEFORE you’ve migrated!
  • Simple yet powerful GUI – everything you need, nothing you don’t. Easily compare entire databases, or zoom in and focus only on a specific set of entities you are intending to view, investigate and migrate
  • Use our context-free database scripting engine to generate a script that could be run on any database – blank or not. It will tell you the differences and change any database to be like the one you are scripting - both Schema and data. Generate report on the differences or actually execute them – it’s all in one generated SQL script. Now you can compare and migrate - without comparing! If you don't want to use our GUI, lets scripting do it all for you
  • It now also features a built-in versioning system! Maintains internally all the versions of all the entities you are comparing, so you can always view how each entity has been changing with time! Get full reports, search for a text throughout the different history, or roll back an entity into one of its past revisions… easy!
  • Remembers databases that you compare, so next time it compares only what was changed since last time. Watch comparisons done in a fraction of the time of any other tool!
  • Give it a shot! Any bug that you find and we can’t fix within five business days – means the software is on US! You get your own free copy with your bug fixed (single license, no upgrades). We are that serious about making it the best tool out there!
Nob Hill Database Compare
Database Compare and Migrate: everything you need, nothing you don't


  • This product was worth waiting for!
    David Malcolm WILLIAMS
  • Red Gate, Shmed Gate
    My Grandmother
  • Tonight Nob Hill Database Compareplayed a major role in combining an e-commerce site development database with lots of new products and features in it with the live database with live order information that must not be disturbed. It behaved very well, and was a great help!
    Tony Sharpe
  • Overall, excellent product
    Nigel Maneffa, United Kingdom
  • You guys have great products and I really admire your dedication to user support and consistently improving your apps... Your service is top notch! Keep up the good work!
    Bob Gibilaro, MCDBA, MCAD
    V. Alexander & Co., Inc.