Demo Clips

The following clips demonstrate some of Nob Hill Database Compare's capabilities:

A Simple Introduction

Pick a database on the right side, on the left side, and compare. See how right from the start our tool gives you so much more – from speed, to clear migration scripts, to working with the comparison results, and doing selective or complete migrations
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Compiling Your Code

Code is not just text for us, to find differences in and then migrate. We actually compile your SQL code. We need to understand it, so we can potentially find various issues with it – before things actually break. We can tell you if your migration will go ok – before you even migrate. Fully know and understand your every move and its implications
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Check Your Data, Too

Much more than just showing you data differences and migrating them! We tell you in advance if your data could actually go into its destination – and if it cannot, specifically what values may cause a problem – and how can it be fixed
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Comparing Only What Is Different

You’ve already compared two databases before – why re-compare all of them, again?? Compare only what was changed since your last comparison. No matter how big your databases are, within a split second the comparison and migration scripts are all ready to go! No one out there even comes close to us when it comes to performance. No one.
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Know Your History

you can create an internal database to save the full history of your database. See when an entity was changed, how, compare, and restore an older version of it, if needed. Live with the full confidence of having a full history of your code – with zero effort on your part
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